About Us

Our History....

Northstar Recreation is a family owned and operated business. We are proud to be Sudbury's only full line Honda and Kawasaki dealer.

We opened our doors to Sudbury in 2005. We began as a small, 1,800 square foot repair shop in the south end of the city servicing a wide variety of recreational vehicles and equipment. Since then we have flourished into one of the city's premiere recreational vehicles and equipment enterprises. Our 11,000 square foot facility is home to our showrooms, sales team, and parts and service departments. In addition to Honda and Kawasaki products, we sell and service Makita power tools, Makita chainsaws, Easy Haul trailers and marine accessories.

In the beginning our operation was small, with only two employees and an extremely modest balance sheet. Today Northstar Recreation is home to more than a dozen employees and thousands of customers across North America. Our customer base includes outdoors enthusiasts, “weekend warriors' as well as corporate clients. We are pleased to serve industries such as mineral development, forestry, infrastructure maintenance and development and law enforcement. Each customer has their own agenda when it comes to buying product from us, but they all look for a product that is reliable, trustworthy and comes with outstanding service and Northstar Recreation is proud to provide all three!

Northstar Recreation is proud to be a part of Sudbury's community. Northstar contributes to a number of community endeavors including the Festival of Lights, Crime Stoppers, The Royal Canadian Legion, The Hospital Activity Book for Children, Ducks Unlimited, Sudbury Game and Fish, Freedom Rider Motorcycle Association, Muscular Dystrophy, and many more. We want to see our city grow and develop for the benefit of its citizens, Sudbury is a special. We all need to work together to keep it that way.

We are proud to note that Northstar Recreation is acknowledged as one of the top ten Honda dealers in all of Ontario and one of 50 in all of Canada. We have built our name on quality and professional customer service and stand behind our products. Northstar Recreation looks forward to servicing Great Sudbury and other areas for many more years!